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Base Handicaps for boats racing with WSBA will be derived primarily from the latest Clyde listings and secondarily from the less comprehensive Byron or RYA listings. Comparisons with all three listings are taken into account and adjustments applied where it can be justified or appropriate.
Allowances to alter a Base Handicap number from an above listings, in order to match a given WSBA boat configuration, will be made in accordance with the allowances below. Where the designated club handicap does not reflect the performance of a particular type of boat (excluding crew skill factor) further adjustment may be made at the discretion of the Race Committee.
WSBA allowances adopted from Clyde Yacht Club Association rules:
code min/hr PY Nu
E Outboard engine 1 0.25 -6 (ob) where the standard yacht has an inboard engine
P Folding propeller - - - (ibf) the Standard Configuration
P Propeller fixed 2 blade 2 0.25 +6 (ib2)
P Propeller fixed 3 blade exposed 3 0.50 +12 (ib3) the propeller is exposed ie not close to the keel
P Propeller fixed 3 blade enclosed K 0.25 +6 (ib3k) the propeller is close against the keel or in a keel aperture
F Furling headsail F 0.25 +6 (fur) where the furling sail is the only one used for racing
M Mainsail in-mast furling no battens M 0.75 +18 (mf) where it's not the standard fitting
M Mainsail in-mast furling vertical battens V 0.25 +6 (mv) where it's not the standard fitting
M Mainsail in-boom furling B 0.25 +6 (mb) where it's not the standard fitting
T Bow-thruster non-retractable/no baffles T 0.50 +12 (thr) non-retractable and having no baffles, flaps or shutters
WSBA allowances adopted from RYA Portsmouth Yardstick rules:
Fin to shoal fin (fin>fs) +10
Fin to bilge (fin>2k) +20
Bilge to fin (2k>fin) -20
Bilge to shoal fin (2k>fs) -10
Overlapping Genoa/furling headsail >155% of J measurement


For definition of Overlapping Genoa see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genoa_(sail)
A racer may declare after a race that no spinnaker was deployed and gain +40
A racer may declare after a race that an asymmetric spinnaker was deployed and gain +20.
Single handed racers may use an auto-helm
There will be 20 point compensation given to single handed boats.
There will be 2% deducted from a boat's handicap after winning each trophy races during the race season (this to apply for one season only, the basic handicap will be restored at the start of each new season).


All participating vessels must be WSBA members and must sign the WSBA pre-season disclaimer

WSBA races are governed by the 2017 - 2020 World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing.

A pre-race brief will be held outside the marina facilities building before the start of each race. The brief will include: 

  • Listing of participating vessels

  • Collection of entry fee

  • Course details

  • Target race start time

  • Lock out arrangements

  • Remainder of safety requirements

  • Working VHF channel for the race

The race buoys will be laid and recovered by volunteers if prevailing conditions allow. Otherwise volunteers from the race fleet will be sought on a rota basis to lay and recover buoys. This is often the bug-bare of organising the race and if crews are willing to race they must be willing to take a turn in handling buoys. The basis will be that a vessels expected to finish the race early will lay the buoys and the slower vessels will recover buoys.

The race fleet should look to use the sea lock economically. I.e. get the whole race fleet out in as few locks as is reasonably practicable. This will help to consistently meet the agreed start time.

In the interests of meeting the agreed start time, skippers should proceed to the muster area on the start side of the start line as soon as possible after locking out.

The starting procedure will be:

  • A voice signal on VHF at  T-10  with a 5 second count down

  • Please do not use the VHF race channel after T-10

  • Engines switched off by the T-5

  • A voice signal on VHF at  T-5 with a 5 second count down

  • No start signal will be given

After the T-5 signal the race is totally self policing and penalties for rule infringements must be taken as required and declared.  Normal racing rules of sailing will apply. All race timing is to be given from a GPS source in hrs; mins; secs. Skippers are responsible for taking and declaring their finish times in writing on the declaration form to the race officer ASAP after the race. All vessels must complete the course as described in the pre race brief to qualify for a result.

The start line in use is formed by a transit of the Haigh pit head winding and the Perch to the south of the harbour. A buoy will mark the seaward end of the start line, this is the OUTER LIMIT and is not necessarily on the transit line. All yachts must start and finish races by passing between this buoy and the Perch.



It is hoped that all competitors conduct the race in a fair manner, however, any protests should they occur should be immediately reported in writing to the race secretary on completion of the race.

Every attempt will be made to calculate and announce the results as soon after the race as possible. This should be within a couple of hours of the declaration of all finish times.


It is proposed to operate a league table throughout the season with points awarded as follows:

1st     5 points

2nd    4 points

3rd     3 points

4th     2 point

5th     1 point 

On completion of the final race of the season, the 5 best results for each vessel will be submitted and an overall season winner declared (i.e. the vessel with the most points). A prize for the winner will be sought. In addition “The Jack Dickson Trophy” will be awarded to the vessel with the highest score that has not won a trophy during the season.

If there is a tie at the end of the season, a sail off will be arranged.